This is an informational site for the Vol-State Road Race 500k.
	     For information contact Laz.
	     If you don't know how you probably don't want to!
Vol-State 500km Road Race Road Book
	     The newest documetation for "The Last Annual Vol State Road Race" 
	     is available on Amazon.com in book form. It is 5.5 inch by 8.5 inch 
	     booklet and cost $8.99 plus postage. 
	     All the original documetation is still available and appropriate 
	     at the below links.
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 Vol State Maps 
 Vol State Cities 
 Vol State Course GPX file 
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 (PDF format (large file)) 
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 2008 Vol State Maps 
 2008 Vol State Cities 
 Vol State Turns Sheet 
 2010 Vol State Mileages 
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 (PDF format (large file)) 
 (PDF format ) 
 (PDF format )