Day 12

Well the last three days have been very good. My average over those days are right at 40 a day. So far overall I’m averaging 33 a day. 396 total miles.
I saw my first falling star two nights ago in 10 years…. Saw a formation of military fighters doing night practice last night, looked like they were heading for Area 51, hummmm. 😉
last night I was serenaded by a cow and a donkey… Great combo. I’m not getting quite the mileage I would like but am enjoying it immensely.
I met a cross country bicyclist yesterday and we talked for about 15 minutes. Met two guys today that were planning a certification class for concealed weapons and we talked and they gave me a “police strength” pepper spray. I really will need that for dogs which were nearly non-existent in CA and AZ. Had a problem with my camera and it turned out to be the memory card. I picked up a new one on the way into town today so I’m back in business.

AZ state flower 🙂

Gopher Jr. checking out the water!

Some man made objects actually look pretty good in nature.

Cross country bicyclist.

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