Under a Week (hopefully)

Hopefully, this time next week I will be finished. Probably catching some zzzzz’s so that I can make the trek up to NJ for the 3 day at the Fair 72 hour race 😉

Tomorrow I will start the day with a 4 mile climb up to Long Mountain Wayside. I will probably get pretty emotional. I have crossed over US Route 60 at this spot 26 times as a participant in the Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50 miler, originally RD’d by Dave Horton. This race means a lot to me and Dave has been a big inspiration to me. I will probably stop for a half hour or so and take it all in. It will also be the last Major climb of my journey. I’m looking forward to it!
Thanks Dave.

It doesn't get much better than this! The VA line is at the top of this climb!

Forest and Streams

Along the Detour caused by I-64 taking over US Route 60

Yeah they spotted me!

You can see the interstate clear down at the bottom. That's where I started this climb. I'm only half way up!

Top of the 2500 foot climb!

Crossing the James River, entering Buena Vista

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