Post Race

I’m finally home from the “3 Days at the Fair” 72 hour race in New Jersey (far upstate NJ!). I only ran a little over 24 hours of it what with getting there 33 hours late and sleeping! Then I played around a bit but still managed about 51 miles…
I have some wrap up things that hopefully I’ll work on this week. I plan on posting a graphic of the elevation profile of my run and also my dietary log and fluid intake logs that I maintained during the event. Also as I mentioned before I’m having a ‘contest’ involving having people send (by email) their top ten favorite pictures from my crossing. I will be making a collage from some of my pictures and whoevers ‘top ten’ has the most pictures that I use will receive a large print of it. Details will be later this week.
Thanks all that have followed my journey it meant a lot and helped my mental focus tremedously.
Thanks again.

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