Photo Contest

Simple, you look over my pictures on Facebook and pick
the top ten pictures and email me listing those pictures.
After a Week I will randomly draw from all those that
participated and the winner will receive a large print of
the collage I make from those (plus some of MY selection pictures.

Please email me the Folder the picture came from and the number
counting from the top of the picture within the folder.
(Facebook renames all the pictures so I have no way of tracking
them by the file name)
Also put “Photo” in the Subject line of the email so I will
know what it is.
Do NOT Facebook me your choices….
For those who are not on Facebook and can’t see my pictures
except those I posted on my blog, you may send me the blog
title you saw the picture in and the title of the picture
(or a discription, if it doesn’t have a title).
Below is the direct link to my photos and the folders are listed as:
Running Across The USA Week One
Transcontinental Part (1 through 9)
Transcontinental Last Day

Thanks for following along with my journey

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