Course and Elevation Profile

This is the address to JOGLE (John O’Goats Land’s End) websites maps… I am NOT doing the race but starting shortly after their race ends and will be taking most of the same routes.
The approximate distance is 863 miles.


This is the elevation profile of the run in two halfs… Not too bad.


I’m getting excited about the journey and am looking forward to the start.

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  1. I was hoping that you would pass from Dundee where my daughter is but it looks that you head to the west side of Scotland from Inverness. Good luck John! Can’t wait for the pics!

  2. Administrator says:

    Michael, I spent 2 months each on 3 trips to Scotland back in the 70′s near Dundee… I was an equiptment installer for the Naval Security Group and did a lot of work at NSG Edzell, Scotland.. The base is closed down now.

  3. Adrian says:

    Hi John, We met you at Cherrybrook Hotel, Dartmoor on Saturday evening and had a short chat. Hopefully time was on your side and you’ve reached Land’s End by now. It must have been a hot run on Sunday as that strange yellow object was in the sky.
    You’re an inspiration, more power to your elbow (and ankle!) ;)

    Kind regards
    Adrian & Julie

  4. John.Price says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you.
    Unfortunately I ran out of time, but I did make it 843 miles which left me 38 miles short!

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