Basic info

Info for JOGLE (John O’Groats to Land’s End)

Link to route info:(I’m mostly following the route used during the JOGLE race)

I’ve given myself 21 running days
The approximate length is 863 miles
The northern start point (John O’Groats) is about 8 degrees lattitude from the
Arctic Circle!
Normal Low Temp is 41
Normal High Temp is 49

I’ll be running with a Camelbak Pit Boss with 100 oz water bladder (purchased
from Running Etc!)
Total weight 17.5 pounds dry
weight 23.7 pounds with full water

Includes: 1 extra short sleeve shirt
1 extra long sleeve shirt
1 long sleeve fleece top
1 light weight jacket
1 light compact rain suit (top and bottom)
1 pair running pants
1 beanie cap
1 ball cap
1 pair lightweight gloves
1 pair mittens
8 pair socks
1 first aid kit
1 emergency bivy sack
1 bivy sack
1 sleeping bag
1 net book with charger
1 Garmin 310xt with charger
1 solar usb charger
2 cell phones (UK and US) with chargers
1 headlight
1 flashlight
2 red blink lights
1 tooth brush and paste
maps and info and credentials
Plus what I’ll be wearing:
1 pair shorts
1 short sleave shirt
1 pair socks
1 pair Nike Triax Shoes (from Running Etc)
1 sunglasses
1 Timex Ironman watch

5 Responses to “Basic info”

  1. Lisa says:

    Best wishes for a most excellent adventure, John! Be safe and have fun. I’m looking forward to following you on facebook and being there vicariously through your pictures. Be well!

  2. Jennifer says:

    John, I think you’ve forgotten your snorkel… though actually the weather looks like it might be a little drier from this weekend so fingers crossed! With all those chargers you might want to throw in a US to UK adapter plug – don’t assume places here will have them. Have a great run – looking forward to following you before I head off to your Country!

  3. Dusty says:

    Go John!! I’ll be cheering you on and following you from Florida. All the best to you for safe travels.


  4. John.Price says:

    I will pick one up enroute, I had one and looked for it for a week off and on but couldn’t find it.. Most shops in the airport carry them.

  5. I like it when people come together and share views. Great blog, keep it up!

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