Under 400 Miles

April 29th, 2011

Getting closer!  As one person ask, can I smell the salt air yet? Well nope but it’s getting stronger.


Next to last State!

This was one big pool!


Getting more education! We are Marshall

Pink Elephant

First wrong turn

April 26th, 2011

Well going through downtown Lexington, the 4 lane road went straight through, unfortunately US 60 turned and I missed the sign (if there was one). I ended up with 3+ extra miles!
I had a visit from Anne Sevilla with her new son Noah. Anne is from Virginia Beach currently and before her baby worked part time for Running Etc. She grew up here in Lexington, KY and is a diehard UK fan 🙂
She is here to visit with her parents (and the Kentucky Derby!). It was a nice visit and that always helps with your mental attitude.

Anne and Noah Sevilla

Still in the "low rent" district!

What this area is all about!



Natures Beauty

What I'll be doing in a couple weeks 😉

Long day

April 25th, 2011

Rain book-ended the day with thunderstorms for the first and last 3+ hours of my day. The middle was ok but humid. I managed a 43 mile day with my total at 2432 leaving me 568 miles left. Anyone volunteering to drive me to NJ immediately after I finish 😉

Yes, I like old farm buildings...

Yep, more farm buildings 😉

I'm in UK country!

Waterfall courtesy of all the flooding

Capitol Building

Beautiful stone walls


April 23rd, 2011

The title is an understatement. I got a 3 hour late start because of the early severe thunderstorms. Then I stopped about the 3 mile mark to visit with Roger Lehman, whom I met at the Double Deca Ironman this past November, He came down to Louisville to watch his daughter in a volleyball tournament and realized that I was passing though at the same time so we hooked up for a nice meet…
Rained a lot with flooding that poured out over US Route 60 with much more thunder and lightning so I called it a day at Shelbyville, KY with only 20 miles. Picked up a new rain outfit at Wal-Mart that should do much better than the poncho I was using.
Pictures: (not many because of the rain)

Roger Lehman visited

Small countryside church!

Memorial to those who died in a civil war era massacre (plaque follows next picture)

Explains last picture


April 22nd, 2011

No time for a big post I did 41 yesterday and 39 today. I’m at 2345 total with 655 to go!
I had a pleasant visit from Shannon Burke and her husband Pat. They met me at my 50k point for the day and we talk a bit and took turns taking pictures. Shannon is another Ultra-runner.
Me and Shannon

Shannon Burke and I and her world famous Yellow "bus"

Shannon and her Husband Pat, signing my log book...


Almost as old as me!

"X" rated!

50 Mile day

April 19th, 2011

It was a long day… Especially since 90% of the roads were very narrow to non-existent shoulders. Having to hop off the road when cars come by and push the stroller through the grass slows you down and takes more energy.
So I’m quite pleased with 50 miles and I got my average mileage back up over 35 miles a day.

Nice pond

I liked the statue..

OK so it's a fake dog! 😉

Must be rough living in such squalor!

The water was almost up to the road on US 60. This is a side road.

805 to go

April 17th, 2011

The last 3 days have been a bit of a roller coaster. First major storms with hail and lots of lightning cut my first day short at 24 miles, then the next day I popped out 44 and felt great then today I felt blaaah all day nothing in my legs… I did 30, finished in the daylight and will rest up a bit more.. I want to get in another 44 to Owensboro!

I actually came across one of these at night in Missouri!

Me and Gopher just out for a little stroll 😉

Another long road!

My Buddies!


2097 down 903 to go! 3 states in 1 day

April 14th, 2011

Well I started this morning in Missouri taking Interstate 57 to the first exit in Illinois then to Cairo, IL and the crossing of the bridge on US Route 60/62 into Kentucky! This was my most dangerous mile since Superior, AZ. Zero shoulder with two lane traffic. I’m impressed and thankful at the courteousness of the truck drivers on this and the bridge over the Mississippi. It was not fun… I did manage a couple pictures though! I ended up in LaCenter, KY for the night and had a very good meal at a local restaurant.


Middle of the Mississippi River

Didn't I meet these kids a few days back?

Luckily traffic was light! Bridge over the Ohio River to Kentucky

Racin' barges

For Anne and Joyce, My two Kentucky fans in VB


April 13th, 2011

Well hopefully tomorrow things will return to “Normal’, whatever that is!
My 3 course changes so far (the beginning I changed before the start but after I’d done my course map, The detour around I-25 between Socorro and Vaughn, NM and this one because of the closed bridge over the Mississippi River) have lengthened my route to 3030 miles which is still very close. After today I’m at 2064 miles or just over 2/3rds done.
I had another tire give out today, at only .5 miles into the day, luckily I had a spare this time and also I went back to where I started since there was a Wal-Mart there which carries this tire. I purchased another tire two new tubes and new tire liners. When I finished my day I changed both out. These seem to be only lasting 500 to 700 miles on average. A real pain…. This is the tires wearing out, not the tubes…
Tomorrow Kentucky!
And back to the eastern time zone!

Patriotic Truck

Patriotic Pawn shop!

Railroad tracks and River

River in Poplar Bluff

As long as you don't come visiting while I'm camping out!

Planting is in full force

Hats/Helmets anyone?

One persons junk is another persons treasure!

Detour II

April 13th, 2011

Well there is a good possibility that the ferry will not be running tomorrow due to high water. I did find out though through MODOT that it is not illegal to walk on the interstates in MO so I will take the I-57 from Charleston, MO to Cairo, IL and continue on. This is only about a 5 mile detour… 🙂